Computing at Moor Hey School

At Moor Hey our aims are that:
Computing is presented as a creative and absorbing process in which children are encouraged to use their own initiative, imagination, reasoning and investigative skills.
pupils appreciate the significance of Computing in our society and regard it as a necessary tool for learning, communication, finding information and for controlling and understanding their environment
pupils receive equal opportunity to develop their Computing ability, with the use of ICT being planned for in line with its status as a core NC subject.
staff raise attainment amongst participating pupils.
parents are encouraged to take further responsibility for their children’s learning.
aspiration levels for KS3 and KS4 performance are realistically raised.
social and emotional development of participating pupils is accelerated.
further interest in pursuing a career and / or participation rates in further education post sixteen are stimulated.
In order to achieve these aims, the school curriculum will:
use Computing to deliver aspects of the NC effectively in all curriculum areas.
provide appropriate support for subject areas to develop their use of Computing.
provide opportunities for pupils to gain experience of Computing through subject specific activities in a variety of contexts.
The intention is to build a curriculum which will allow pupils to experience the full breadth of the use of Computing and its applications.
Computing as a discrete subject, and as delivered across the curriculum, is developed and co-ordinated by the subject leader (Mr Mahmood). The discrete lessons are delivered by subject specialist teachers in timetabled lessons. 
KS 1 & 2 has one discrete timetabled lesson each week; KS 3 & 4 has two discrete timetabled lessons each week. 
Codes of practice regarding the use of computer resources and individual contracts are signed by parents and pupils.
Pupils are taught about internet safety and the dangers associated with social networking sites as part of discreet Computing topics and within PSD lessons, but this is constantly reinforced across the whole school.


Curriculum policies and mapping

Computing Policy

Key stage 1 - EYFS

Key stage 2 Primary

Teaching with iPads

Key stage 3 Secondary

Key stage 4 Secondary



Programming with BBC micro:bit

Some of our classes have been working with micro:bits to put together interactive code, here is some of their work.


Useful websites


Film Street Animation

Micro: bit programming


BBC Bitesize ICT

BBC School Computing








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