Art and Design

Ethos. At Moorhey, Art and Design provides students with opportunities to explore their creative imaginations and learn about working with a range of materials and equipment. Pupils collaborate and exchange ideas to improve outcomes and are encouraged to share resources and respect their work environment.

Projects vary in length and try to make use of seasonal changes for inspiration. Pupils are given a sketchbook and are encouraged to create at home and in spare time at school. Every effort is made to encourage students to observe what is happening around them in nature and in their built environments. Communication skills are developed through discussion of personal progress and the work of others including Artists through history.

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Year 8&9 have started an Expressive Arts Short Course ASDAN qualification.



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Caroline Alexander is a curator at the Harris Museum in Preston.  She visited our school earlier this term to talk with us about her job and about the exhibitions (past, present and future) at the Harris.  

We had prepared several questions for her as part of an interview.  Some of the questions were: 


She revealed fascinating facts about the paintings on display at the museum, for example, "Pauline in the Yellow Dress" described by The Daily Mail as the ‘Mona Lisa of 1944’ - one of the most popular paintings at the Harris.  She also talked with us about an artist she knows well - Lubaina Himid - who has been nominated for the Turner Prize this year.  We are looking forward to studying some of her work and creating an installation based on one of her pieces.