Our School Council consits of a pupil from each tutor group. The member is chosen by a class vote which is held at the beginning of each school year.

The current school council members are:

School Council

Arron Sumner

Kieron Deakin

Harvey Johnson

Tee-Jay McAuley

Daniel Millings

Sky Hawkyard

John Lancaster

Charlie Hunt

Branden Bardsley

Dhaniael Chowdhury

Sarah Hawkins

Kieran Wilkinson



What we do

Meetings are held in form time every 2 weeks on a tuesday morning with council members. We discuss how we are going to raise funds for moorhey school during the year. 

These events include: 

  • Children In Need
  • Christmas Carousel
  • Moor Hey Summer Madness
  • Spring Treasure Hunt
  • Jenga Contest
  • Sports Relief


Latest News

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24 January 2019


24 January 2019

Upcoming Events

WW1 Remembrance Blog Post

24 January 2019, 12.00pm – 31 December 2020, 12.00pm, 12.00pm